AliveAndKickn and OptraHEALTH partner to educate Lynch Syndrome patients globally.

San Jose, CA, October 25, 2020: OptraHEALTH® has partnered with AliveAndKickn, a Lynch Syndrome hereditary cancer advocacy organization to implement the GeneFAX™ KnowledgeBOT on the AliveAndKickn website to help educate and make a difference in the lives of the individuals with Lynch syndrome. Lynch syndrome is a genetic condition that increases a person's risk for certain cancers. It is the most common inherited cause of colorectal and endometrial cancers. 1 in 279 individuals has a Lynch syndrome genetic mutation affecting millions of individuals worldwide.

OptraHEALTH® today announced the introduction of a revolutionary new business solution—OptraGURU™. OptraGuru harnesses vast stores of genetic data locked away in corporate and public data silos, combines it with leading edge artificial intelligence and conversational technologies like Amazon Alexa to give genetic testing organizations the ability to offer a ‘round-the-clock’

A company called OptraHEALTH®, announced what it calls a revolutionary new business solution — OptraGURU — which harnesses genetic data from corporate and public data silos, and combines it with AI and conversational technologies like Amazon Alexa, to give genetic testing organizations the ability to offer a personalized and engaging service to their consumers. Also, the service is made to help genetic counselors and scientists, as well.

San Jose, CA: A few weeks back, the digital healthcare company Optra Health announced the launch of OptraGURU, its newest platform that leverages the AI tech of its iPhronesis offering with Amazon Alexa’s natural language skills. What does that nearly run-on sentence really mean? This news marks a mash-up of 3 of our 2018 Trends and points to a revolution in the way everyday people understand and engage with their genetic information.