When cancer affects someone, it affects the entire family. It can put financial, emotional as well as physical burden on you as well as your family members.

If you have a personal or family history of cancer and worry about your children’s risk for cancer, or, want to know your own risk of cancer, then GeneFAX™ can help you!

Have your questions answered through GeneFAX™ for Cancer Screening, which allows you to ask questions like you would to a human counselor. It helps you to understand your cancer risk and other topics such as the pros and cons of cancer genetic testing, results expected and next steps.

You can know what to expect during a counseling session and be prepared with your questions for your genetic counselor. GeneFAX™ is easy to use and is accessible through multiple platforms such as chatbot, GeneFAX™ mobile app and also on Amazon Alexa.

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  • GeneFAX™ can help you understand the meaning cancer genetic testing.
  • GeneFAX™ can provide you answers to all major cancers.
  • GeneFAX™ can help you understand the findings of your test results.
  • GeneFAX™ allows you to connect with a genetic counselor at any time and have all your questions resolved.

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