MyGeneFAX™ is for consumers who have taken a genetic test and seek information about their own DNA test report, their risks for developing diseases, risks to their children and other family members. MyGeneFAX™ helps you understand genetic risks accurately and make informed choices.

MyGeneFAX™ works with genetic reports from all genetic testing providers. Consumers may ask questions explaining their report, or the meaning of the findings.

MyGeneFAX™ is your genetic counseling assistant that gives you an opportunity to ask all kinds of questions about you own genetic reports, as many times as you want.

GeneFAX™ is one of the most advanced genetic testing chatbot which is constantly acquiring new information about genetics, thereby empowering consumers with the most up to date information. GeneFAX is well-equipped with patient triaging, informed consenting, pre-test counseling & post-test counseling modules.

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