Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to modulate business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

The wave of digital transformation is sweeping across various industries including genetic testing.
The falling cost of DNA testing has flooded the market with many different types of genetic tests. However, what the market needs is the fall in the cost of genetic counseling, reduction in the number of patient queries, increased test ordering by physicians, better patient engagement models, increased patient-initiated tests and increased revenue.

So that an organization may sustain the growing market needs, there is clear need for newer technologies to augment human efforts. Combined, this will lead to enhancing the entire genetic testing process. Estimated worldwide spending on technologies and services enabling digital transformation is forecast to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023.
The next wave of automation in healthcare is the deployment of Artificial Intelligence apps such as ChatBOTs that are capable of conversationally gathering information from users and providing answers instantly to their queries. And on the backend, being able to relay, format and transform such data into meaningful knowledge for the organization. ChatBOTs have earned a place in all business processes and this is evidenced by the massive spending on ChatBOTs. It is estimated that by 2022 the cost savings will be in the billions of USD. This will also lead to billions of hrs. saved over manual efforts.
Why should the organization adopt a digital transformation strategy? There are several advantages such as:
GeneFAX™ is a Digital Navigator for Genetic Testing that is powered by ChatBOT interfaces and provides a complete Enterprise Solution for genetic testing companies and labs. Thus GeneFAX™ acts as a genetics chatbot that progressively collects information from patients and answers queries they may have about genetic testing.

GeneFAX™ helps organizations to evolve to address the changing genetic testing landscapes.

GeneFAX™ comprises of many ChatBOTs

By using ScreeningBOT, consumers can determine is they are eligible for a genetic test.
GeneFAX™ PedigreeBOT™ allows for rapid family history gathering in a simple conversational manner.
GeneFAX™ KnowledgeBOT employs Natural Language Processing which allows consumers to ask questions as they would in spoken English..
GeneFAX™ PhysicianBOT allow for entering the patient’s information like gender, age, ethnicity, along with detailed clinical information.
GeneFAX™ InsuranceBOT is used by patients when they have qualified for a genetic test either as recommended by a physician or from GeneFAX™ ScreeningBOT.
The main goal of GeneFAX™ QuizBOT is to help consumers to test their knowledge about genetic testing while at the same time imparting them knowledge about genetic health.

Deploy GeneFAX™ ChatBOTs as a virtual genetics assistant in your environment to streamline all your genetic testing processes and generate insights and reap the benefits of AI-based automation.