GeneFAX™ ExpertConnect™ allows you to schedule a genetic counseling appointment with a board-certified genetic counselor at your convenience. It allows you to discuss with your genetic experts of any concerns that you may have about your family’s as well as your genetic health.

Live Chat
Get your genetic queries resolved via live-chat or phone by licensed Genetic Counselor.


Access to board-certified genetic counselor anytime and anywhere through GeneFAX™.

Better Insights
Chat transcripts are readily available to generate insights.

The genetic counselors can discuss your personal or family medical history concerns, genetic screening, testing results and/or ultrasound results to help you better understand your genetic risks.

In-depth counseling with one of the board-certified genetic counselors through our secured, self-scheduled portal will help you in providing accurate answers to your patient's questions and connect with them for the next steps.

Connect with Board Certified GCs for
  • Pre and post-test Genetic queries
  • Prenatal setting
  • Cancer related genetic queries

GeneFAX™ has partnered with InformedDNA for genetic counseling services.

Are you a board-certified genetic counselor and wish to get connected to patients through GeneFAX™.