Today, genetic testing is accessible and mostly affordable. Some tests such as ancestry testing can be ordered from home where genetic testing for a disease are ordered by a healthcare provider. Genetic testing is important, as our health is determined by an interplay of our genes and the environment.

Have people ever said to you, "It's in your genes"? They were probably talking about a physical characteristic, personality trait, or talent that you share with other members of your family.

And so are diseases. Find out with GeneFAX™ if you need a genetic test? But don’t worry genetic testing is also done for screening such as non-invasive prenatal screening during pregnancy.

Why GeneFAX™

GeneFAX™ has a vast knowledgebase of genetics information, that is continually updated, thus bringing to you the most relevant and accurate information.

But its interesting how you get that information. You can use one of the several contextual prompts or type in your own question. GeneFAX™ uses NLP with our patent-pending technology to understand your question and provide you accurate answers.

But there is more, at any time you may connect with our genetics experts / counselor and start a live chat with them to have all your questions answered. Such as to identify which genetic test is appropriate for you, which other family members could be at risk etc.

The best way to try GeneFAX™ is to download it from Apple Store or Google Store and just play with it!

GeneFAX™ for life sciences and healthcare


If you have been advised to take a genetic test or if you want to learn more about genetic testing, GeneFAX™ is the app you want.
GeneFAX™ provides information about genetic tests such as Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, Carrier Screening, Hereditary Cancer Screening and much more. You can ask questions to GeneFAX™ in a conversational manner. If you wish to connect to a genetic counselor, then the app will help you connect live with a board-certified GC at any time or schedule a call and get your queries answered at your convenience.

Download GeneFAX™ now to experience the app!


More genetic tests mean more understanding of the benefits and limitations of the test. You are already so busy in your practice, it makes it difficult to find the time to know more about genetics? Do not worry, as GeneFAX™ app is here to help! Find out about genetic tests and understand how your patients may benefit from the test. In case of any technical queries, connect immediately with our genetic counselors, live.
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As a payor, you are challenged with genetic test pre-authorization. Collecting missing information such as family history in minutes using GeneFAX™ can eliminate the bottlenecks of genetic testing leaving your customers satisfied. By connecting live with a genetic counselor, one can get answers to their questions in minutes, not hours.
If the above information reads interesting, call us to schedule a detailed demo and see how GeneFAX™ can be used in your environment.


By using GeneFAX™, a pharma company will have a virtual digital assistant to provide information to users on various topics, such as how to respond to inquiries on certain health conditions, a complex drug, and the appropriate method of using a certain medication. Medical representatives can use GeneFAX™ in the field of sales process to provide instant answers to clients. For complex scenarios, No more waiting, connect instantly with our genetic counselor.

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If you are an educator and would like your students to learn genetics in a new, interactive, fun way, GeneFAX™ is the app you have to try. GeneFAX™ cutomization will allow you to load courses, specific content, where students can interact and learn about the complex genetics world in a simple and interesting manner. What’s more, GeneFAX™ will show you transcripts of all student sessions.
Download GeneFAX™  now to schedule a detailed demo and learn more about imparting genetics education.

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