GeneFAX™ is purpose-built for enhancing genetic counseling and provides counseling in all aspects such as patient triage/ screening, pre-test and post-test genetic counseling, interpretation of results, patient follow-up, engagement and family counseling.

By partnering with us, you can leverage GeneFAX™ and yet maintain control of patient care while broadening the scope of your services.

Our expertise in genetic counseling reaches out globally (US, Canada, EU, India, China being important geographies), equipping us to serve patients as per their location. GeneFAX™ is accessible across healthcare organizations that require enhanced genomics’ turn-key solutions.

We run multiple partner channel networks, where we partner with genetic counseling organizations as well as genetic counselors to provide accessible, affordable counseling to our customers across the world.

Organizations such as Genetic Testing Labs, Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing Companies, Hospitals, Hospital Networks, Genetic Research Centers, Employee Network Group, Pharma Companies rely on OptraHEALTH to meet their needs of genetic testing and counseling.

JOIN US NOW and explore the benefits of being a GeneFAX™ channel partner.

If you are a genetic counselor, we encourage you to join our partner channel network. Partnering with OptraHEALTH and being a channel partner for ExpertConnect in GeneFAX™ will increase your business and will connect you with patients from diverse geographies and enable technology driven patient engagement.

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